This award winning storyteller and magician keeps the audience on the edge of their seat when not in bent over shaking laughter. A creative force driven to give their audience one spell binding, inspiring night.
Teaching about resilience in the face of fears and uncertainty. A story about survival and being true to oneself...​

​Resilient and rowdy, a true Texas charmer. Spinning and penning stories capturing depth - the wonder - lighting up our eyes and beating at our hearts…asking us to participate…giving us hope to dust ourselves off and move ourselves out beyond the frayed dark edges of fear and push past the lines we draw in the sand. To reach over and pull our differences become better, stronger, more forgiving and compassionate people. Jack Darling is edgy and the spirit of a firecracker and a smooth moving shape shifter...unpredictable and delightful...popping and lighting up the once quiet night of our sky...leaving us wide eyed in awe.


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